CBR600RR Race Alternator Kit 03-05 CBR600RR Race Alternator Kit 03-05
NOTE: This kit DOES NOT have starter motor facilities, to enable the kit to operate correctly you will need to remove your existing starter motor and clutch sprag.

All components specifically designed and manufactured for Race Machines.
Horse power gains of 3-5hp can be expected compared to original generator set-up.
The 3 phase system produces more power for a smaller size, stator is only 9mm thick but output is greater than 25amps, or 350w at 14v, more than adequate for modern fuel injected race bikes +extras. Note: All factory race kits are single phase, max power about 15amps.
Rotor has a diameter of only 47mm, solid machined from alloy steel, typically weighing from only 225gms, therefore with such a low rotational inertia throttle response is greatly improved.
Tested up to 20,000rpm so absolute reliability is assured.
Total system weight also saves between 2-4kg.
Power output 25amps, Dimensions: outer diameter 92mm, thickness 9mm (plus windings), adaptor plate inner diameter 42mm.
Kit includes our latest and most advanced series regulator/rectifier especially made for the race system. It enables the stator to run at a temperature of 25% less than a conventional shunt or Mosfet regulator/rectifier. The unit actually turns off at high speed depending on the load requirement, thus releasing more engine horsepower and enhancing reliability.

In common with other suppliers we are unable to offer warranty for electrical components used for racing.