STK-010 STK-010
NOTE: No lighting available for this kit, please see STK-100D in related products below.
NOTE - for Royal Enfield 350: Only suitable for models with a tin clutch cover where the original stator is mounted directly on to the crankshaft.
NOT suitable for models with an aluminium clutch cover where the original statopr is mounted in the clutch cover.
Self generating, ignition only high performance system for single cylinder engines. Ideal for Trials and MX.
Replaces the original Lucas alternator - points and distributor are not required.
Electronic advance curve specifically developed for BSA singles allowing easy starting and maximum performance.
Easy installation, only 2 cables to connect directly to the combined HT-CDI unit.
Fully compatible for operation within the engine oil.
Commonly fitted for race applications where the low inertia flywheel allows for rapid engine acceleration.
Most of our products are manufactured in the UK.
NOTE: In common with other suppliers we are unable to offer warranty for electrical components used for racing.