STK-012D STK-012D
STK-012D -Self generating internal rotor, cdi digital ignition system, no battery required eliminating need for battery charger, as well as being lighter.
Replaces the original Lucas alternator - points and distributor are not required.
Digital electronic advance curve specifically developed for Triumph twins allowing easy starting and maximum performance.
Period of advance 27 degrees or 15 degrees, user selectable with programmed rev limiter (not user programmable).
For easy starting a spark is generated at 300rpm.
Operates within the engine oil.
Keyless rotor fitting onto crankshaft. This uses a larger collet to lock the rotor key securely onto the crank. Advantages over a woodruff key and keyway are infinite positioning of the rotor for ignition timing. Can be used on a worn crank or damaged keyway.
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