STK-102D STK-102D
Replacement for original alternator and ignition. Complete digital self generating ignition and alternator, pre-programmed advance curve gives optimum performance for the 4 stroke twin engine.
No battery, contact breaker assembly or distributor required for the ignition.
Simple timing set-up align marks on the rotor and stator.
Single phase alternator 65w output with combined regulator and regulator/rectifier. This gives a controlled 12v AC output to the lighting circuit to prevent bulb failure + 12v DC output to a battery if fitted. The battery can be replaced with a capacitor pack if required, this gives greater reliability but has limited energy storage capability.
NOTE: A battery is NOT required to run the ignition or lighting but advantageous for brakelight or indicators.
OPTIONAL KEY SWITCH (SW01K) - Recommended when handlebar switch is not used. Switch has 2 sets of change over contacts allowing the black/white stop wire from the CDI to be connected to earth which will cut the ignition. The second set of contacts can be used to control lights - see related products below.
Most of our parts are manufactured here in the UK.