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Pulse/Pick-up Coil Measurements & Resistance Information

A&B measurement diagram C measurement diagram


Pulse/Pick-up Measurement A Measurement B Measurement C Resistance
P1 35mm 13mm 6mm 100ohm
P2 30mm 13mm 3mm 128ohm
P3 33mm 6mm 9mm 250ohm
P4 36mm 14mm 10mm 220ohm
P5 35mm 8mm 7mm 280ohm
P6 35mm 14mm 5mm 280ohm
P7 30mm 14mm 3mm 228ohm
P8 30mm 14mm 4.5mm 460ohm
P11 34mm 14mm 4mm 230ohm
P13 38mm 7mm 9mm 250ohm
P20 34mm 15mm 4mm 150ohm
P21 36mm 15mm 6mm 120ohm
P22 33mm 6mm 12mm 440ohm