Honda Generators and Regulator Rectifiers.
Generators listed as "Recon" are service exchange reconditioned, please contact us for further details.

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Model   Year   Generator
  Rotor   Reg/Rec   Regs & Rectifiers Ignition Coil Ign Unit / Repair Code Starter Motor
MB50/MT50/MBX80   Recon       C1    
CB100   G210            
H100 Electronic   Recon       C26    
XL100 R 78-87 Recon   RR67        
CA125 Rebel 95 on Recon   RR79        
CB125   G210            
CBR125 2005 Recon         CD1115  
CG125 Brazil   Recon       C25 / C22    
CG125 Points model   ST1102            
CG125 (8 pole)   ST1103            
MBX125   Recon       C1    
MTX125 78 on Recon    RR67        
VT125   G17   RR58        
XL125S/R 78-87 Recon   RR67        
XL125RW   Recon   RR17        
XL125V   Recon   RR58        
CB175   Recon     RG50      
XL185S/R 79-83 Recon    RR67        
CB200   Recon     RG50      
MTX200 83 on Recon    RR67        
XL200R 78-87 Recon    RR67        
CB250K4   Recon     RG50      
CB250 N/T 77 on Recon    RR18        
CB250 Nighthawk 1992 Recon          Repair  
CB250RS (electric start) 77 on G47   RR18        
CB250RS (kick start)   G201   RR18        
CBR250 86 on Recon    RR58        
CM250C Custom 82-83 Recon    RR18        
CMX250 Rebel 96 on Recon    RR79     Repair  
NSR250 87 on G72   RR18     Repair  
NX250 88 on Recon   RR58     CD1250  
VT250F2 83-87 G73   RR63     Repair  
CB350F 73-76 Recon   RR24        
CB350S 1987 Recon    RR66        
CB350 1974 Recon   RR16        
CL350   Recon     RC38      
BROS 400(NC25)   G17   RR58/RR63        
CB400F 75-81 Recon   RR24        
CB400 N/T/A 1986 Recon   RR18        
CB1 400 (NC27) 89-91 G17   RR58     Repair  
CBR400R (NC29) 85-87 G17   RR63/RR58     Repair  
CBR400 (Aero) 1994 Recon    RR63        
CBR400RR (NC23) 1988 G17/G74   RR58     Repair  
CBX400F 1985 Recon    RR19     Repair  
CM400A/T   Recon   RR18        
CMX400 Rebel   Recon   RR18        
NSR400   G72   RR18        
RVF400R (NC35) 94-97 G53/G72   RR58     Repair  
VF400F 1985 G74   RR65     Repair  
VFR400 (NC24) 1986 G72/G17   RR63     Repair  
VFR400 (NC30) 89-93 G72   RR58     REPAIR  
VFR400 UK model 1986 G72   RR59        
VFR400Z (NC21) 1986 G72   RR63     Repair  
VLX400   G7   RR65     Repair  
VT400C Shadow 83-86 G7   RR65     Repair  
CB450 N/DX/S 1984 Recon    RR18     Repair  
CB450SC Nighthawk 82-86 Recon    RR18     Repair  
CB450 72-77 Recon    RR16 RG50      
CMX450 REBEL 85-87 Recon    RR18     Repair  
CB500F 73-77 Recon    RR24        
CB500T 75-78 Recon      RC38      
CB500 94-97 G53   RR58     Repair  
CX500AB 79-81 G47   RR18   C100/110    
CX500/C 78-84 Recon    RR16     Repair  
CX500C Custom 1981 Recon    RR65        
CX 500E Prolink/Turbo 82-83 G8   RR65     Repair  
FT500 82-85 G47   RR18   C100/110    
GB500 Clubman 1992 G45            
GL500 81-82 G8   RR65     Repair  
NX500 Dominator 88-97 Recon          Repair  
TRX500FA/FGA Foreman 01-07 Recon   RR31600- HN2-013      
VF500C V30 Magna 84-85 G74   RR65     Repair  
VF500 F/F2 84-86 G74   RR65     Repair  
VT500C Shadow 83-86 G7   RR65     Repair  
VT500 E/FT 83-84 G7   RR65     Repair  
XBR500 1985 G49   RR18        
CB550F/K3   Recon   RR24        
CB550SC Nighthawk 1983 Recon    RR22     Repair  
CBX550F/F2   Recon   RR22     Repair  
CB600 Hornet 87-90 Recon    RR58        
CBR600 87-90 G74            
CBR600 91 on G54   RR43        
CBR600 01-02  Recon   RR69        
CBR600 03-04 Recon    RR43        
CBR600F/F2 89-00 Recon    RR58     Repair  
CBR600FJ 1988 G74   RR62        
CBR600RR 03 on Recon    RR43        
CBX600E 83-87 Recon    RR21     REPAIR  
NTV600 1988 G8   RR25        
VLX600   G7   RR25     Repair  
VT600C Shadow 1988 G7   RR25     Repair  
XL600V Transalp 87 on G7   RR64     CD1610  
CB650C (European models only) 80-81 G19 RO9 RR19        
CB650SC Import   Recon   RR21        
CB650SC Nighthawk 1983 G19/Recon   RR19     Repair  
CB650Z 79-82 G21   RR19        
CB650 (European models only) 1985 G19   RR19     CD1900  
CBX650 1983 Recon    RR21     Repair  
CX650 E/Custom/Turbo 1983 G8   RR65        
GL650 1982 G8   RR65     Repair  
NT650GT Nighthawk 88-91 G8   RR25     Repair  
NTV650 Deauville   G8   RR58        
NTV650 Revere 88-93 G8   RR25     Repair  
NV650C 1983 G7   RR65        
NX650 Dominator 88-89 G7   RR66     REPAIR  
XL650V   G7   RR58        
XRV650 88-89 Recon    RR84     REPAIR  
CB700SC Nighthawk 84-87 Recon    RR19     Repair  
VF700C V45 Magna 84-87 G14   RR64/RR65     Repair  
VF700F Interceptor 84-85 G14   RR65     Repair  
VF700S V45 Sabre 84-85 G14   RR65     Repair  
VFR700F 86-87 G14   RR62     Repair  
VT700C Shadow 83-84 G8   RR12     Repair  
CB750C/F/KZ (DOHC) 80-82 G21   RR21     Repair  
CB750FA/FB 80-82 G21 RO9 RR21     CD1900  
CB750F1 75-76 Recon    RR24        
CB750F2 85-96 Recon    RR23        
CB750F2 (DOHC) 77-79 G21 RO9 RR21     CD1900  
CB750 K1-7 69-78 Recon  RO9 RR24        
CB750KZ   G21 RO9 RR21     CD1900  
CB750SC Nighthawk 84-87 G21 RO9 RR19        
CB750 Nighthawk 91-01 Recon    RR23     Repair  
CBX750 F/F2  1983 Recon    RR19     Repair  
NR750 1992 G14   RR58        
NV750C SHADOW 1986 G8   RR65        
RVF750R 94-96 G72   RR58     Repair  
VF750C V45 Magna 82-98 G14   RR65     Repair  
VF750F Interceptor 83-85 G14   RR65     Repair  
VF750S V45 Sabre 82-85 G14   RR65     Repair  
VFR750F G/H 88-89 G14/G75   RR62     Repair  
VFR750F J/K 90-91 G75   RR62     Repair  
VFR750F L 92 on G52   RR58     Repair  
VT750C Shadow 83-87 G8   RR12/RR65     Repair  
VT750C2 Ace 1997 G8   RR12     Repair  
XLV750   Recon            
XRV750 Africa Twin 89-92 G7   RR64     CD1750  
XRV750 Africa Twin 90-93 G7   RR82     Repair  
XRV750 Africa Twin 94-00 G7   RR83     Repair  
PC800 Pacific Coast 89-97 G8   RR58     Repair  
VFR800 98-01 G52   RR53     Repair  
VFR800 VTEC (Interceptor - USA) 2002 on G180   RR69        
VT800C 1988 G8   RR65     Repair  
CB900C Custom 80-82 G21 RO9 RR21        
CB900 F/F2/Custom 79-83 G21 RO9 RR21     CD1900  
CB900 F (new models)   Recon   RR69*        
CBR900RR Fireblade (SC28 & SC33) 92-99 G52/Recon    RR58     Repair  
CBR900RR/929RR Fireblade (SC44) 00-01 G89/RO89/
RO89 RR43/RR69        
CB1000 Big-One 93-97 Recon    RR23     Repair  
CB1000 Custom 1983 Recon    RR22     Repair  
CBR1000RR 04 on G111/Recon    RR110        
CBF1000   G112/Recon   R110        
CBR1000F 87-90 Recon    RR87        
CBR1000F 90-96 Recon    RR23     Repair  
CBX1000 Prolink 78-81 Recon   RR22        
GL1000 Goldwing 75 on G6   RR29     CD1900  
VF1000 F/F2/R 1984 G14   RR65     Repair  
VF1000 Interceptor 1985 G14   RR65     Repair  
VTR1000 Firestorm 1997 G110   RR58     REPAIR  
VTR1000 SPY/SPI   Recon   RR43        
XLV1000 Varadero 1999 G97   RR58        
CB1100F/R 81-83 Recon    RR22     Repair  
CB1100 1983 Recon    RR21        
CBR1100XX Blackbird 96-98 G52   RR58     Repair  
CBR1100XX Fuel-Inj 99 on G52   RR69        
GL1100 Goldwing 80-83 G6   RR29       SM1100P
ST1100 Pan European 1990 Recon    RR23     Repair  
VF1100 CV65/SV65 83-86 G14   RR65     Repair  
VT1100C Ace 95-97 G8         Repair  
VT1100C Shadow 85-94 G8   RR12     Repair  
VT1100C Shadow 02 on G8   RR81        
GL1200 Goldwing 84-87 G6   RR29     Repair SM1200P
GL1200 SEI   Recon         Repair  
CB1300   Recon   RR113        
GL1500 Goldwing 1988 Recon          Repair  
VTX1800C   Recon   RR69