Kawasaki Generators and Regulator Rectifiers.
Generators listed as "Recon" are service exchange reconditioned, please contact us for further details.

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Model  Year  Generator
  Rotor   Reg/Rec   Regulators
& Rectifiers
Ignition Unit
Repair Code
AR50/AR80   C40        
EL125 Eliminator 1997         Repair
KMX 125/200   Recon   RR26    
EL250 Eliminator 89-95 G2   RR14   Repair
EX250/F 86-96 G2   RR26/RR20    
GPX250R 1988 G2   RR26    
GPX250 1988 Recon   RR14    
GPZ250 Belt-Drive 83-84 G2/G11   RR60    
GPZ250R 1986 G2   RR14    
KH250 73-79 STK-230   RR92    
KR-1S 250 1990 G83   RR26   Repair
KZ250 80-83 Recon   RR60    
Z250 LTD 80-82 Recon   RR60   Repair
Z250ER 83 on Recon   RR26/RR20    
ZZR250 90 on G2   RR26/RR20   Repair
GPZ305 1986 Recon   RR26/RR20   Repair
Z305 LTD/CSR 83 on Recon   RR26/RR20   Repair
EN400 86 on G11   RR26/RR20   Repair
GPX400R 87 on G73   RR26/RR20   Repair
GPZ400R 1989 Recon   RR26/RR20   Repair
GPZ400 Unitrak 1982 G2   RR26/RR20   Repair
KH400 74-79 STK-230   RR60    
Z400J 79-83 Recon   RR60    
Z400LTD 79-83 G2/G11   RR60    
ZL400 Eliminator 1990 Recon   RR26/RR20    
ZR400R Unitrak   G2   RR14/RR26    
ZR400 Zephyr 1989 Recon   RR26/RR20   Repair
ZXR400 1989 G1   RR26/RR20   Repair
ZZR400 1990 G73   RR26    
KZ440 80-83 G11   RR60    
Z440 LTD 79-83 G2/G11   RR60    
EN450 85-89 G11 RO3 RR14   Repair
EN454 85-90 G11 RO3 RR14    
EN500 90-97 G11 RO3 RR15   Repair
ER5 1997 Recon RO3 RR154    
EX500 87-97 G11   RR14   Repair
GPZ500S 88-92 G11 RO3 RR15   Repair
KH500 74-79 STK-230   RR60    
KLE500   G11 RO5 RR14   Repair
Z500 79-83 G2   RR60    
GPZ550 82 on G2   RR37    
GPZ550 A1   G2   RR26    
GPZ550 Unitrak 82-88 G2   RR26    
GT550 1985 <G1/G11   RR14    
KZ550 80-84 G11   RR14    
Z550A2   G11   RR37    
Z550 LTD 80 on G2   RR14/RR37    
ZR550F Unitrak 83-84 G2   RR14/RR37    
ZR550 Zephyr 90-96 G2   RR26/RR20    
GPX600R 87 on G73   RR26/RR20    
GPZ600R Ninja 1986 G73   RR26/RR20    
KL600 84-86 G45   RR26    
KLR600 84 on G45   RR26   Repair
ZL600 Eliminator 95-98 G73   RR26    
ZX600 98 on G9   RR26    
ZX6 Ninja 93-97       RG25  
ZX6R Ninja 98 on G1   RR44   Repair
ZX6R 98 on Recon   RR26/RR20   Repair
ZX6R-J1 98 on G290   RR44   Repair
ZZR600 89-96 G73   RR26    
KL650   Recon   RR26    
KLR650/R 84 on G45   RR26   Repair
KLR650 Tengai 89-92 G45   RR26   Repair
KLX650R 93-96 G45   RR26/RR20   Repair
KZ650 E1/F1 81-84 G1   RR60    
KZ650   G1   RR37    
SR650   G1   RR37    
Z650 B/B1 77-79 Recon   RR34    
Z650 B2/B3/C1/C2   Recon   RR60    
Z650F 83-84 G1   RR37    
Z650 LTD/SR 79-83 G1   RR34    
VN700 Vulcan 85-95 G5   RR26   Repair
ZX7R/RR 87-01       RG25  
DT750       RR26    
GPZ750   Recon   RR26    
GPZ750A1/A3   G1   RR26    
GPZ750 Ninja/Turbo 1985 G4   RR14 RG25 Repair 
GPZ750 Unitrak 1983 G1   RR26   Repair
GT750   G1/G2   RR14    
KZ750 2CYL   Recon   RR60    
KZ750 4CYL   Recon   RR37    
VN750 Vulcan 85-95 G5   RR26/RR20   Repair
Z750B 76-80 Recon   RR33    
Z750 E/E1 1980 G1   RR37    
Z750L 1984 G2/G4   RR37    
Z750LTD Belt 83-84 Recon   RR33/RR37    
Z750LTD Twin 81-84 Recon   RR33    
Z750 Turbo 1984 G4   RR14/RR26    
ZR750 Zephyr 1991 G1/G2   RR26/RR20   Repair
ZXR750 89-95       RG25  
VN800 Classic/Vulcan 96-97 G5   RR26/RR20   Repair
GPZ900R Ninja 1985       RG25  
Z900 (Z1) 76-77 G90 RO99 RR10 RG70  
ZL900 Eliminator 85-86 G3   RR14 RG25  
ZX9R (900) Ninja 94-97       RG25  
ZX9R-C1   G94   RR55    
GPZ1000RX 1986       RG25  
GTR1000 Concours 1986       RG25  
KZ1000 87-97 Recon   RR37    
Z1000 76-78 G1   RR14    
Z1000 02 on G374   RR20    
Z1000 A/A1 77-80 G90   RR10 RG70  
Z1000 LTD/Injection 79-80 G3   RR14   Repair
Z1000J LTD/Injection/R 79-83 G3 RO3 RR14    
Z1000 MKII/ST 79-80 G1   RR14    
Z1000 Z1R 78-80 G90   RR37    
ZL1000 Eliminator 85-86 G3 RO3 RR14 RG25  
ZX10 (1000) 89-97       RG25  
ZX10R 06-10 Recon
GPZ1100 Unitrak 83-85 G3 RO3 RR14 RG25  
GPZ1100LTD/R/ST 81-85 G3 RO3 RR14    
GPZ1100 95-97 G3 RO3 RR14    
ZN1100 1984 Recon   RR26/RR20    
ZR1100 Zephyr 1992 G2/G4   RR26/RR20   Repair
ZX11 (1100) 89-97       RG25  
ZXR1100 Street 1997       RG25  
ZZR1100 1990       RG25  
ZG1200 VOYAGER 87-97 G1/G3   RR26    
ZX12 (1200) 98 on G75/G800   RR44    
ZX12R   G75/G800   RR44    
Z1300 79-81 G1   RR47    
Z1300A1 79-84 G60   RR47    
Z1300 Injection   G3   RR46   Repair
VN1500 Classic/Vulcan/SE   G9   RR86   Repair