Suzuki Generators and Regulator Rectifiers.
Generators listed as "Recon" are service exchange reconditioned, please contact us for further details.

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Model  Year  Generator Reg/Rec Regulator Ignition Coil Ign. Repair Code Starter Motor
DR125/S 86-98


RR27     Repair  
GN125 1982 Recon  RR10        
GN125 1995 Recon  RR10     Repair  
GS125 1982 Recon  RR98        
GZ125   Recon RR10        
Marauder 125 2000 on Recon  RR17        
RG125 1985 Recon  RR27        
RV125   Recon  RR10        
TS125X   Recon  RR73        
VL125   G1 RR10        
GT200 X5   Recon RC38 RG12      
GSX240 1980 G1 RR10        
DR250S 86-98 Recon  RR27     Repair  
GN250 1986 G5 RR10     Repair  
GS250 80-82 G1 RR10        
GSX250 1980 G1 RR10        
RG250 1978 Recon  RR13     Repair  
RGV250 1989 Recon  RR17     Repair  
TS250X (scooter)   Recon  RR13        
DR350S 90-98 G285 RR73     Repair  
SP370 77-80 Recon   RG6      
GT380 73-77 STK-235 RR77        
GN400 1980 G5 RR10/RR68        
GS400E 89-96 G1 RR17     Repair  
GS400 1977 Recon  RR10        
GSF400 Bandit 1991 G78 RR17     Repair  
GSX400F 81-84 G1 RR13        
GSX400T   G1 RR10        
GSXR400 Import   G78 RR17     Repair  
RF400 1993 G1/G7 RR17        
SV400 Import   Recon  RR85        
GS425 1979 G1 RR10     Repair  
GN450 (Single)   G5 RR13        
GS450E/L 80-83 G1 RR10        
GS500 04 on G1 RR17     Repair  
GS500E 89-97 G1 RR17     Repair  
GSF500   G77          
GT500   STK-255 RC38 RG12      
RG500 (2-stroke four) 1987 G283 RR73     Repair  
GS550 L (16-Valve) 1983 G1 RR11        
GS550 L (8-Valve) 79-82 G1 RR10        
GS550 77-83 G1 RR10        
GSX550 1983 G4 RR11        
GT550 73-77 STK-235 RR77        
DR600S 1985 Recon  RR13   C102 Repair  
GSF600 Bandit 95-97   RG25   Repair  
GSX600F Katana 88-96   RG25      
GSXR600 K1   G95 RR55/RR20        
GSXR600 K6 & K7 06-07 Recon  RR852        
GSXR600 SRAD   Recon  RR55        
GSXR600W       RG25      
RF600R 93-96   RG25   Repair  
VS600 Intruder 95-96 G7 RR75     Repair  
DL650 V-Strom   Recon  RR55        
GR650 (Twin) 1983 G1 RR10        
GS650 E/L 76-79 G1 RR10        
GS650 GL/GT (8-Valve) 81-86 G1 RR13        
GS650 Katana (8-Valve) 81-84 G1 RR13        
LS650 Savage 95-98 G9 RR85     Repair  
LS650 86-88 G9 RR85        
SV650/L All G5 RR85/RR851 (04 on)        
XF650 Freewind 1997 G43 RR20        
VS700 Intruder 86-91 G7 RR75     Repair  
GS750 E/L 76-79 Recon  RR10        
GSX750 E/ES 83-85 G2 RR13     Repair  
GSX750 E/L/S 81-82 G1 RR9        
GSX750 EF 84-85 G2 RR13     Repair  
GSX750 ET   G1 RR13        
GSX750   G2 RR11        
GSX750F       RG25      
GSXR750K1   G95          
GSXR750 SRAD 96-00 RR55 RG25   Repair  
GT750 (two stroke triple) 73-77 STK-235 RR77        
VS750 Intruder 86-91 G7 RR75     Repair  
VL800   Recon  RR55        
VS800 Intruder 90-96 G7 RR16/RR86     Repair  
VX800 90-96 G74 RR85     Repair  
VZ800 Marauder 1997 Recon  RR56     Repair  
GS850 GL/GT (8-Valve) 79-88 G1 RR10        
XN850/Turbo 1983 G2 RR11     Repair   
RF900 R 93-96   RG25   Repair  
DL1000 V-Strom   Recon  RR55        
GS1000 GL/GT (8-Valve) 78-84 G2 RR10        
GS1000 Katana 82-84 G1 RR10        
GSX1000E 82-84 G2 RR9     Repair  
GSXR1000 01-08 Recon  RR55        
SV1000 82-84 Recon  RR55        
TL1000S/R 1997 Recon RR62     Repair  
GS1100 G (16-valve, shaftdrive) 84-89 G2 RR13     Repair  
GSX1100 E/EF/ES 1986 G2 RR13     Repair  
GSX1100 F/G 88-97   RG25      
GSX1100 Katana 1993 G1 RR10     Repair  
GSX1100 L/S 80-92 Recon RR9     Repair  
GSXR1100       RG25   Repair  
GSF1200 Bandit 1995     RG25      
GSX1300 Hyabusa   Recon RR55       SM1300P
GSX1400   Recon RR55        
VS1400 Intruder 1987 G9 RR75/RR40     Repair  
1400 Cavalcade 1985 Recon RR75        
VL1500   Recon RR55        
VZ1600 Marauder   Recon  RR55