Speed Four Exchange Alternator RewindSpeed Four Exchange Alternator Rewind
This alternator assy is not a stock item, a rewind/repair will be made to your unit that you send to us. The turn around is approx 5-10 working days. Please place your order by adding this item to the cart. Once order has been placed, please then mail the faulty alternator to
BB Bikeshop Ltd
20 Chiminage
Blowhorn Street

When we receive the order and your old unit we will only process when the reconditioned/repaired unit is ready for despatch back you you.
We only offer a warrenty if the unit you send us for exchange is an OE stator. If we receive a non OE stator we can rewind but we will not offer a warrenty as some of the non OE stators on the market are not good quality. Although the goods are sold as working, this is because the magnets in the OE rotor are extreamly powerfull and is sometimes causing premature faliure of non OE stators.