RD125LC Mk2/3 TZR125 Alternator RewindRD125LC Mk2/3 TZR125 Alternator Rewind
We do generally have this item on the shelf for immediate exchange, in 90% of cases we will exchange your old unit for a reconditioned exchange item, however if we receive Alternator Stators or Rotors that are damaged, not Original Equipment or of poor quality i.e. broken, severely corroded etc, we will then recondition the item/s we receive and return that, this will add to turn around time from next day to 5-10 working days.
Technical information, Low speed source coil (Black to Black/Red wire) 520-780 ohms, High speed source coil (Yellow to Brown wire) workshop manual spec 50-76 ohms, most read about 35-40 ohms, this is OK and will NOT cause high speed miss fire, If your bike has a high speed misfire or will not rev above 3500 rpm then the most common fault is a CDI box issue. RD125LC MK2/3 and TZR125 CDI boxs are interchangable, however plug connectors do differ. Pickup (White/Green to White/Red) 280-420 ohms.
Please place your order by adding this item to the cart. Once order has been placed, please then mail the faulty alternator to (please do not remove from back plate if possible)
BB Bikeshop Ltd
20 Chiminage
Blowhorn Street

When we receive the order we will only process when the reconditioned/repaired unit is ready for despatch back you.