SR500 Alternator RewindSR500 Alternator Rewind
No price has been alocated to this item as there can be many variations of repair to this stator. The basic price for a low speed source coil rewind is £95, the high speed souce coil is very tricky and time consuming to repair, the problem is that the 3 main A/C charging wires cross this coil and can be damaged by getting access to the coil, thus then possibly requiring a complete stator rewind. Please contact for further information.

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When we receive the order we will only process when the reconditioned/repaired unit is ready for despatch back you you.
Ignition spec guide.
Red - Brown 5-7 ohms.
Brown - Black (Ground) 329 ohms.
White/Green (Pickup) - Black (Ground) 87 ohms.
White/Red (Advancer) - Black (Ground) 16 ohms.