SLA-807 Sola-LarmSLA-807 Sola-Larm
Sola-Larm SLA-807 Motorcycle / Scooter Alarm

The Sola-Larm SLA-807 was designed and launched in 1990 and was the UK’s first DIY motorcycle alarm. It is still the UK’s best selling non-Thatcham motorcycle alarm and ‘RIDE Magazine’ awarded it their BEST BUY triangle due to its ease of operation and installation.

Today the SLA-807 has a tremendously loyal customer base, as the features, reliability and value for money are second to none.

# 12-volt power operation.
# Complete with two remote control transmitters / key fobs with code encryption to arm and disarm the alarm.
# Tilt sensor to protect the bike if an unauthorised attempt is made to remove the bike from the side stand.
# Electromagnetic adjustable shock sensor.
# Panic facility on the remote controls, operating in any alarm condition for personal safety.
# Indicator / hazard light flash and chirp sound on arming, disarming and alarm activation.
# Integral siren.
# Blue high intensity 2-volt status LED with violation memory.
# Negative trigger input for additional sensors or detectors to protect the seat, side panniers etc.
# Current sensing to prevent hot-wiring.
# Current consumption less than 5mA.
# Two year back to base (Solartrack HQ) warranty, DIY instructions and telephone support.